Productivity of Lead Crop

Village : Gidhaiya
Panchayat: Jitjori
Block: Devipur
Strategy for Intervention : Baseline Survey and PRA, Icebreaking meetings with Farmers, Audio-Visual Shows, Exposure visit of farmers to KVK, Harp,Plandu, Successful Farmers , Training on use of modern technology etc.
Transfer of new Technology in Agriculture by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Sujani, Deoghar: SRI, SWI, Zero –Tillage, High Density Guava, Drip Technology, Use of Sprinkler, Soil Testing of 1300 Farmers, Insurance of 1300 Farmers, Seed Production Technology, Groundnut cultivation for the first time in the area.
Best Farmers : Mr. Anil Yadav- SRI, SWI, Zero Tillage in 3 Acres of Land. Awarded Best farmer in SRI production. Babloo Yadav : SRI, SWI, Seed production of Paddy and Wheat, High Density Guava Plantation in 0.5 acre with drip system